Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pre-Ride Activities at the Lakehouse, in Nevis, Minnesota

Wednesday, June 8:  Rick and Bob arrive by plane to Bemidji, (known as the first city on the Mississipi) and are picked up from the airport by Dan, Andy and our Minnesota Host, Scott.  After touring the local scenic attractions, specifically the Paul Bunyon and Babe statues, they all participated in pre-ride nutritional training at "Bad to the Bone" the local, Bar-B-Q hot spot.  We are staying at Scott's lakehouse before we head to Blackduck on Friday.

Scott, our Minnesotta Host

Nutritional Training at 'Bad to the Bone'
Hightlight of Bemidji
Another Nevis Highlight

Lakeside in Nevis
Paul and Babe

Crappies and Waffles

The Origin of the Mississippi

Watercolor from the Dock of Scotty's and Delora's Cabin home in Nevis, Mn

Rick's Caron fiber featherweight bike
Thursday, June 9:  Scott and his wife treat us to an incredible breakfast of fresh fried Crappies and waffles.  Roscoe, eat your heart out.  We went on an 11 mile bike ride through scenic Itasca State Park, where the headlands of the Mississippi River are located.  Rental Bikes are picked up and John T arrives from LA.

Friday,  June 10, Another 10 mile pracatice run to breakfast, then a last meal in civilization at Scott's Cabin with that incredible freshly fried Crapies.  And of course, another, yet larger Paul Bunyun.  Then off to Blackduck for day one of the Ride to the Border.

Dan and Rick crossing the 'Jumping Bridge'

Bob at the Heartland Bike Trail

Breakfast with Norwegian Umlets at La Pasta in Dorset, Mn
John at the Heartland Bike Trail 

Paul and his little buddies
Paul and Babe

Loading up for Blackduck

Crappies in the house

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  1. Minnesota Travel AdvisoryJune 15, 2011 at 3:59 PM

    Refuse to buy into local townfolk's petty, narrow-minded definitions of good and evil, especially when they try to entice you into an axe throwing duel by calling you a lousy tipper.