Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day One of the Ride: Blackduck to Deer River: 54 Miles

This Blog post authored by Rick C.:
Saturday, June 18, 2011

Overnight camping at Blackduck High School in preparation of the 54 mile ride to Deer River.  Whistle blows at 6:00 and breaksfast in the Gym with 140 riders.  We found out quickly that this ride was not for the youth of Minnesota......average age in the mid 60's, with plenty of people in their 70's.  We quickly met Suzanne who was there with  mother on her 30th tour with Klobucher!  Everyone came by out of curiosity for the weird Californians in their Fishhook shirts....hard to explain the STUD moniker, but Dan was happy to oblige.   We were considered equally weird with our matching lawn bowling shirts in the morning.   Bob and Rick took the crown for snoring overnight as we all found the temperature to be a bit cold.   Bob was in a class all his own for midnight trips to drain his bladder.  The first wakeup call came at 4:00 when every bird in Blackduck was there tweeting us out of our slumber.  The morning wakeup call was pretty much chaos as we gathered our wet morning tents and gear, but the enthusiasm was running high as we hit the road.

The ride was almost as awesome as the weather.  Clear blue skies, and a perfect temperature for biking, about low70's.  The stories go on and on, including a flat tire (John M), killer burgers at the Gosh Damn Place, unbelievably friendly people everywhere, all types of bikes, and sore butts all around.  The arrival in Deer River included the immediate tent set up, well deserved showers, and a stop by the local ice cream parlor in lieu of beer!!  Root beer floats were the drink of choice.  Tomorrow we head to Nashwauk, which includes more of the amazing beauty of this state.  We await dinner tonight at the high school where we pitched our tents, and will be crashing soon after to get the night of sleep that we missed last night.  An excellent day one all around.
The town of Blackduck

Route for Day One:  Blackduck to Deer River

The town Blackduck as big as the Mosquitos

Introduction of the Californians... thought to be fruits or nuts

Confirmed to be both Fruits and Nuts, 

The boys with, Rhonda, a 27 year return rider, with designer puff-paint skirt and blouse

Site of first flat tire by squeaky John's 30 year old 3 speed

More statues that you can shake a goose at.

Rick and John

Departing Gosh Damn Place

John and John

Brothers John and Bob

Andy below the Crappie Sculpture
Burgers at Gosh Damn Place

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  1. Remember to bring home a pound of the good colby cheese and moose meat for grandma. Thank you.